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There are many different ways of dispensing acid that require multiple applications, or several adjustments to openings or cutting slots. They work on the principle of absorbency and evaporation by regulating the wrap openings. Generally, these dispensers are placed on the top of the hive or cluster, or on the bottom board. They may or may not work equally on colonies of different sizes. They also may require additional space and equipment, and cause queen and brood losses and drone sterility: all signs of overdose.

MiteGone® solves these problems as it works on the principle of the capillary tube and the law of gravity. It releases acid in a low dose continuous release action.

Another key to the success of MiteGone® is its location inside of the hive. MiteGone® pads are 3/8 of an inch (9.5 mm) thick 4 inches (116 mm) wide and 5 inches (127 mm) long. These pads are hung vertically in the available bee space between the last comb and the wall of the hive body.

In this location, 95% of hives will leave it alone and maintain favorable temperature and humidity. Strong hives will keep the temperature in this space between 22-26 degrees C (70-80 degrees F) and a humidity of 55%.

At the same time in March to May, outside temperatures ranges between minus 5 degrees and 28 degrees C (20-83 degrees F) and the humidity varies between 20 to 90%.

MiteGone® pads are manufactured with zillions of cells connected and functioning as capillary tubes in the direction of the length of the pad.

Both 4” ends are open the tubes and evaporating surface are exposed, so no one can put them in wrong. When soaked with acid, a four-gram 5”-pad will automatically absorb 120 grams of acid.

Hung vertically, the capillaries will keep the liquid in the pad without dripping and gravity will pull down the acid to replace acid evaporated at the bottom. Under bees’ controlled average conditions of 24 degrees C and 55% humidity, a four inch wide pad will emit a total of six grams of acid in continuous flow per day.

This miniscule amount is sufficient to maintain a pool of heavily concentrated acid on the bottom board and a light concentration within brood. This light concentration is sufficient enough to knock the mites off bees. They then fall down into the heavy pool where they die.

The 5”-pad treatment will last a minimum of 21 to 30 days, killing the mites hiding in capped cells for seven days and emerging from cells. The fumes must penetrate the capping and make mites sterile in 80% they will not reproduce.

The use of 65% acid and the light concentration of fumes in the brood area eliminate problems of killing the queen, brood or causing sterility in drones. We evaporated 18 grams (three pads) in a single box and 30 grams (six pads) in two high colonies without any bad effects.

It is very difficult to cause overdose and damage when using MiteGone® properly.

How to make the most of your treatment:

Some Words of Wisdom: You are not the only beekeeper in the world. Unless you persuade your neighbours and surrounding hobbyists to treat varroa mites organically the same way you do, your operation will always be in jeopardy. Everyone needs to treat more or less at the same time, using the same Honey bee mite treatments. I provide my neighbours with material at a reasonable cost to make it easy for them to treat the same way I do. If you do not, you will have to fight re-infestation, often by resistant Varroa.


Hobby kit
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Frequently Asked Questions
19 most common questions about formic acid use and the MiteGone method for the removal of Varroa and Tracheal mites.

Formic Acid Use Handbook of Honey Bee Mite Treatments
10 pages of worldwide experience. Principles of evaporation and types of treatments in all kinds of weather and equipment.

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